Insurance stories you can relate to.

How we started TrueCover* Peeyush Jain

We know that Insurance is a hated subject. No one wakes up in the morning and says "I want to purchase insurance or understand my policies today." Though, insurance is complex, it is a very helpful tool in case of eventualities - if you have got the right one. We started TrueCover* because we struggled with understanding insurance and saw the gap in market where majority of people buy insurance to save on taxes or because they want some return on "investment". None of this is the primary purpose of insurance. We want to make insurance working for everyone!! I am sharing my insurance story - My brother's (Pranay) medical insurance policy did not pay for his hospitalisation since his illness was in exclusion period. He had taken a life insurance with return of premium option. After his demise, we were back by more than 10 years - financially. Forget the loss of a family member. Were we lear about insurance, we could have been much better off!! Share your Insurance stories with us!! Tag TrueCover #TrueInsuranceStories

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